Get laid in the face of failure!

April 25, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Get laid in the face of failure!

Afternoon peels, it’s a nice sunny day and i’m not hungover on a sunday for change, i’ve just booked a flight to vegas so everything in my lifes pretty sweet.

Today I’ve been thinking a lot about failure and how it can completely throw you off your game and into a funk. About a year ago I changed my jobs. I was in a situation where a few projects had gone wrong, I got some unfair blame and so I gave up. This spiralled as I then got treated worse at work, which meant I did less etc… On reflection when These issues happened I should have started reading more, looking for new jobs… Basically DOING POSITIVE things until I bounced back… Negatively breeds negativity.

Now about a hear ago I turned 30 and after a few months I started seeing less success with online dating sites. I used to put up a profile and I’d have a load of people contact me. When i hit 30 My profile wasn’t being returned in as many results…. So less people were getting in contact.

My inital reaction was to use the site less… Why should I have to work harder? So I stopped using online and only meet girls in bars… What happened… The total amount i was seeing dropped and before where i was picking people on personality I would end up with whoever based on looks.

It’s such a strange human trait… Things change and you naturally feel like giving up or getting out of the situation. When things went quiet on the online front I should have committed myself to work harder, gone out and contact 3 women a day, try a different site, revise my approach.. Whatever… Definitely not just give in.

I weight lift and one of the main concepts to get bigger is consistency. So if you’ve been had a bad experience or find yourself struggling, don’t think what your doing is a waste of time and give up… Commit to doing 30 mins consistently EVERY day and results will follow!

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