How to Talk To Anyone by Leil Lowndes

August 15, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
How to Talk To Anyone by Leil Lowndes

This book deals with tips to improve anyone communication skills.  Improving your communicating skills is one of the key things you can do today that will improve your dating success levels.  The books is pretty big, it’s 336 pages and will take a several hours to read.  The book is split into 92 individual tips to improve your communications.  This means the day you get the book you can learn one or two secrets go out and implement them straight away.  I found you won’t get the best out of the book by reading it all in one go, but, you need to constantly go back to it and eventually you will notice a big level in your communication.

The book starts a bit out of the blue…  with body language. Leil quotes the famous 20% law that only 20% of any communication is what you say and 80% is everything else.  If this is true then mastering body language is key.  The book covers tips such as eye contact, smiling, posture.  It explains why these things are important AND gives you a simple rule how you can improve the area immediately.

The book presents plenty of easy to understand examples and it’s clear that the author has done plenty of research.  I found a lot of the advice was completely transferable to dating.  For example the chapter surrounding starting a conversation and people worrying about what to say is a universal issue.  As Leil quotes ‘The words are less important than how you say them’.

A lot of the advice can be found in dating system such as the Mystery method.  One instance of this is the chapter on ‘Whatzit’ or as the Mystery Method calls it…  ‘Pea Cocking’ / ‘Whatzit’, were you wear something interesting that allows people to initiate a conversation with you.

Another one of the tips I liked in this section was the advice to have interesting responses to common questions.  If you download my How To Meet Women Toolkit (see top right for the link) then this is also something I recommend doing as part of your pre-date preparation.

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