How To Tell A Girl Wants You To Make A Move…

May 7, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
How To Tell A Girl Wants You To Make A Move…

I want to talk about something I’ve noticed just before I take things physical with a girl.   This tip explains a sign I’ve noticed girls gives off to let you know that she is turned on and wants you to proceed but as always this is a tip to be used with caution, no does mean no

A lot if times i will get a girl back to mine and we’re sitting on the couch,  I might kiss, tickle and generally play around.
The one thing I’ve noticed is that when there is a alight sexual tension in the rooms and i’m quite emotionally turned on…  my mouth drys up a bit and I tend to swallow to re-wet my mouth.  Now this just doesn’t happen to me…  it’s a naturally physical reaction to your enotional desire.

If you’re with a girl gently stroking her leg, kissing, hand whatever… and she does a dry swallow It means that she is getting turned on by what your doing.  I found this useful to tell when it’s time to take things further.  For me this has never let me down..

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