How To Become A High Status Playa

September 12, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
How To Become A High Status Playa

Having success with women is just like any skill you set out to learn, it takes hard work, practice and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a lot in order to start moving through the necessary steps to reach your end goal.  You can have the best material provided to you for learning, butwithout practice, you’re just a sloppy amateur at best.

Today I want to discuss a reason that might be making ‘practising’ physiologically creepy for you and it’s called mitigated speech.  When I hear the word mitigation I picture lawyers and a load of bullshit, but it also has to do with conflict avoidance.  I know when I started talking to girls I did my best to try and avoid conflict…. e.g. by avoid talking to most of them until I had a few drinks down me to boost my confidence.  From what I’ve read and the guys I’ve spoken to a lot of other guys have the same problem as well.

In mitigated speech there are six levels of communication and it is mainly based about how you perceive ‘status’.  For example when you speak to your boss you’re probably not going to say ‘Get me a tea’ but you may say ‘I really fancy a tea’ and hope he offeres.  See how that very subtle difference in communication says a lot about how you perceive the person you are talking withs status.

So now picture yourself in a bar.. if you talk to a girl and are direct you tell her to buy you a drink, come here with you, etc…  by using direct language you are communicating power because you are not hiding under mitigated speech.  If you think being direct is rude and you want to be ‘nice’ by asking if she’s Ok or whatever all you’re actually doing is saying you think she is better than you.  In my own sex life if a girl is all over me and offered to buy me stuff etc.. I loose interest.  It’s the girls who are challengin that I end up dating and thinking about, girls are exactly the same.

This weeks challenge is to start every conversation you have with a girl by being direct even if it’s just for one sentance.  Do this for a few weeks and you’ll see a difference in the way people react to you.


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