How To Be At Your BEST to help you more girls

May 14, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
How To Be At Your BEST to help you more girls

A few months ago I wrote about a funk I was in, I had a series of bad dates and then I turned that around into having more girls than I knew what to do with…  hard life :)

I was just clearing out the notes on my iPhone and I came across a point I forgot to mention.. so I thought now would be an ideal time. I asked myself ‘What was I doing last time I was really successful’ and then wrote a list of things.  This list had a few things..

I was running daily (I fund this gives me loads of energy)

I was using POF everyday

I was reading a lot of different material

I was sleeping well

I was trying out new things

As soon as I had made this list, I had a plan to get me out of my funk.  I first made a commitment to email 3 girls a day, I started running again to boost my energy levels, I went on a mini detox and I started reading a new book on psychology.. the results..  I changed my habit and started turned things around.

As I firmly believe 90% of the time it’s not that you need to buy a new course or learn something new.. it’s sitting down realizing what is wrong and coming up with a plan and implementing it.  If you want to start improving your dating life.. spend 10 minutes right now.. think of a time that you were really on your GAME.  Make a list of the things you we’re doing that were working for you AND do at least one of those things NOW..  what’s the worst you can happen.. you could end up having a lot of sex ?


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