How Time Breeds Success With Ladies

August 22, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
How Time Breeds Success With Ladies

I think one of the bigger issues I see in people is time.  In today’s society everyone (myself included) wants results NOW.  If you take a look at a lot of  ‘pick up’ material all the sales banter will scream  ‘get laid NOW’ or ‘get a six pack today’.  I’ve been going to the gym for nine years I can tell you right now.. you can’t get a six pack in just four weeks… I’ve tried several times and failed each time.

I’m not saying it’s impossible to get a six pack.. it’s not  but most people don’t want to the work in and they get put off becasue they don’t see the results immediately.  I love going to to bars and hanging out with my mates several times a week and if I REALLY wanted a six pack then I would have to cut that out my life so for me it’s not worth missing out on a big part of my life for something which will give me a very small return.

When it came to learn how to have better success with women the pain of being a lone for the rest of my life was much more powerful than spending a few hours a week reading books and trying that stuff out.  In my search for women I didn’t read a book then overnight had good success, I don’t think that’s possible.  After 3 months I found more success than I had in my life up to that point.  A year after that I had constant monthly success.  Two years after that I was having the same amount of success in six months as the year before that.

So the next time you feel frustrated that you’re not having the success you want now, don’t get discouraged or beat yourself up…  take a deep breath and realise that to get to where you want overnight.  You can’t judge your success based on other successes.  You might take a year to master something you’re buddy picked up in a month everyone has their own learning speed.

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