High Quality Problems

September 5, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
High Quality Problems

Today’s post is a follow up to the ‘Damn, why’d my cool dump me” post. The concepts contained within this post deal with maintaining relationships instead of my normal how to meet women. waffle.. so you have been warned!

In the previous post I failed to mention what kicked off my revaluation about myself.   Over the years of texting hundreds of women I always seem to  I INSTANTLY know something is ‘up’ with people, things that I’ve picked on include slight change in terminology being used, a change in timescales, frequency, question/statement replies, open’closed question switches.  The other day I got this feeling and knew something was up with one of the girls I was seeing.  Usually I’ll ignore this internal siren and not make make any attempt to fix the issue.  I always held the mantra ‘if it’s meant to be.. it’s meant to be…’  I’d make a date with another girl and if the relationship crumbled.. so be it.

I read a newsletter from somewhere or other that talked about how emotional mastery of situations is a key skill in attracting high quality women.  My approach has always been to be the laid back cool guy.  I don’t normally express that much emotion..  hey.. if it ain’t broke.. don’t fix it.. right ?  As I said in this previous post I found I had this limiting mental belief so I decided that ‘life’s an experiment’ lets try a different approach to tackle the issue.

I mentioned I thought something was up to a mate who had met this girl.. and low and behold he disclosed ‘Yeah I tried to honeytrap her she wasn’t having any of it.. HAHAHA’.  This happened pretty much the same night I had a wired vibe for her.  Instead of trying to ignore the situation.. I asked her straight out what was up becasue I thought there was a weird vibe between us.  She replied that from her perspective she didn’t think I was too bothered about seeing her’ because my attitude seemed blahzay.

Finally we’ve arrived to the point of this whole rant…  when I started off learning about dating success I read a lot of dating books, seminars etc.. most of the advice I read was targeted towards inexperenced guys (who I was at the time) who are too needy and insecure when they are interacting with women…  which is why they have issues in the first place.  In these situations being cool and indifferent creates success.   My problem was that when I was starting out I adopted an ‘indifferent’ mindset which definitely helped increase with my levels of success with women.   However, now I am what I consider successful it doesn’t mean that being completely indifferent it still a BENEFICIAL mindset for me to adopt as  I’m not that insecure guy around women as I was several years ago.

To wrap things up…  when you adopt different mindset it will eventual become so ingrained in your personality that it becomes you.  If you notice that after you find some initial success with you see the same issues keep reoccurring then it’s worth sitting down, evaluating what you believe and it that belief is still relevant to the person you are today.  If it’s not then read my last article and start to work through the steps to confront them!


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