Happy Birthday… What I have learnt from three years of blogging about dating

August 27, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Happy Birthday… What I have learnt from three years of blogging about dating

I nearly forgot but today is IWTYTMW third birthday.  In this  time I’ve written 162 blog posts, covered numerous topics and I have helped numerous people on their path.  Whether you’re new here or have been around for a while, it’s important to know why we do what we do…

Why I Will Teach You To Meet Women Exists

When I first started to find dating success something clicked within me.  Some people love playing football, sports, writing music whatever but for me it was the buzz of going out and ‘trying’ to meet women.  I loved being in bars, I loved the challenge, I loved the failures and the successes it made me feel alive… it was fun.

At the time I had notebooks full of ideas and things I’d said to women on nights out but I had no idea what to do with them all so I decided to write them all down.  Originally, if I’m honest with you I didn’t really care if I managed to help anyone I just wanted an easy place to find my notes and if I made some money in the process then cool.  A year later I had made nothing out of it but my readership was growing I was starting to get some feedback from people and it felt good helping them.

At that stage I transformed the idea of IWTUTMW from instead of just reviewing what was out there but to stop people having to go through the same painful process I had.  I’ve spent hours reading newsletters, books, videos, audio guides etc..  my idea was to help highlight what I found worked for me and point you guys towards it so you didn’t have to waste hours reading all the bullshit I did.

As soon as I did that the readership gain momentum more.  Now my only goal is to help you overcome you’re initial first fears and to start you on your journey to having a fulfilling dating life.

A Rare Approach to a Common Problem

There are hundred of dating websites out there, some from leading authors and pick-up artists.  My approach was to measure my success based on the impact I could make and the engagement of you guys.  This site only exists because I want to help you solve your problems… it’s that simple.  I’m not here to try and rip anyone off with a quick win, as I’ve written about before learning to get the success you want takes time there is no magic transporter that will allow you to jump right to expert within a few days…  sorry it doesn’t happen.   I belive if I crack that then everything else will fall into place.

So when I’m researching a new article or thought I always try and write useful and actionable topics.  I want to write things that inspire you guys to actually take those first few steps onto the path of mastery.  In order for you to do this, it boils down to a few fundamtel actioanle items :

  1. Knowing Yourself
  2. Setting yourself Impossible goal
  3. Getting the best information you can to help you succeed
  4. Practice
  5. Consistency
If you can do all of that then with enough time you will get the success you deserve.  I would love to hear a few success stories or even what’s not going right for you (use the contact form on the side of the page).


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