Finding the right pick-up for your age group

April 9, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Finding the right pick-up for your age group

I’ve been single for the past four years now… in that time I have no idea how many girls I’ve met in that time.  The one things I’ve noticed in that time the slight shift in priorities in the girls I meet.  I turned 30 last year and most of the girls I date are around the same age as me.  When girls hit 30 there’s a strange thing that happens to them…  they get BROODY.  They look around and see that 80% of their friends are in relationships, getting married, having kids blah blah blah….  and guess what the system that used to work with girls who are 22-25 don’t work as well.  WHY ?  The older a girl gets their priorities shift.  In the last few months I had a number of girls who couldn’t see a future with me as I led a party lifestyle.. holiday, festivals, drinking and having fun.  Frankly… I didn’t care I was constantly seeing several women, having the best year of my life so why worry ?

This wasn’t happening with every girl I was dating…  only a small subset who on reflection were all 29+ and then it occurred to me.. the rules of the game change with the age of the girl.  If you read most of the Pick-up books they’re all aimed at attracting younger women you are generally in clubs.  In a lot of situation no matter the age you can still meet people BUT to have great game you need to understand that in the majority of cases you need to portray higher emphasis on different values.  Party girls about going out, having fun in clubs, living it up.  The majority of women in their 30’s are looking for stability, like if you own your own car and house, good career, dining out, not wasting time on random guys, being able to commit etc…  with that in mind during the next few weeks I’ll constrate at helping people find the information they need according to their age.  From what research I’ve done so far I can’t see that this has been done much before.  Peace.


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