Double Your Dating Chapters 7 and 8 by David DeAngelo

September 12, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
Double Your Dating Chapters 7 and 8 by David DeAngelo

Double Your Datingwas the first book that David DeAngelo produced.  This post will review the 7th and 8th chapters.Chapter 7Chapter 7 talks about where to meet women.  The basic idea behind the tips seemed to be, first define your type. of women, then figure out where that type of girl hangs out.  Some of the places discussed were online, bars, classes, gyms etc…

The chapter then goes on to detail some of Davids routines to start conversations with women.  David lists a few ‘pickup lines’ guys can use to start conversations.  There are some useful idea.  Personally I normally go up to a women and simple say ‘Hey, having a good night’.  After that I gauge their reaction and take it from there.

As well as the lines to use David also talks about limiting beliefs guys have surrounding talking to new people.  I would assume that this is one of the biggest areas that guys would be interested in and there are a number of idea, modals and tips to starting a conversation.   I like to think of overcoming these limiting beliefs by drawing a circle on a piece of paper.  Everything within that circle is you.  The only way to make the circle bigger is to  push your boundaries and do things your not comfortable doing.  I hardly ever get nervous talking to people but if ever I do I know i I do it, no matter of the result It’ll help me grow as a person.

The last part of the chapter talks about how to stay in contact with people, how to ask for phone numbers or email addresses.

Chapter 8

This chapter talks about ‘dating’ and how to approach arranging dates with a strong, confident and in control style.  This outlook is completely different from trying to buy a women to impress her by going for meals.  David recommends that the man should be the picky buyer.  He should be the one deciding if the girl fits his criteria.  If she doesn’t then a guy should be able to walk away from the situation.

David then goes onto list his approach to how to set up a date.  This list a step-by-step method to asking a girl out. with the correct frame and how to decrease the chances of her not showing up.

After the date is arranged David details what he does when he meets up with the women.  This involves things like the places he meets women, what to talk about and how to act towards your date.

One key point in this chapter I liked was not being boring but having ‘energy, spice, humor and mystery’.  When I go out for a first meeting with a women, a job interview, doing consultancy I always prepare topics of conversation to talk about if the conversation naturally dries up.  t might be things that happen on the news, or in a magazine.  I’ve normally got stuff going on in my life so I’ll normally list all the things I’m excited about, what gigs I’m going to, holidays, festivals etc…   As I meet women regularly I don’t want to have the same conversation over and over.  I want to have fun, so I set up questions that will lead to unique conversations.

Chapter 9

This is the chapter that talks about how to go from a successful meeting with a girl into a physical relationship.  If this is an area in your life that you have issues with then its probably a good read.  In my life this is something I’ve never had an issue with so I didn’t find the advice to insightful.  David does recommend reading these book if you have confidence issue with sex.  Graham Masterson – How To Drive Your Woman Wild In Bed and Susan Bakos – Sexational Secrets.

Chapter 10

This is the last chapter in the book and it provides some insights into how to develop and maintain a long term relationships.  David mentions a point that I’ve never really thought about consciously even though I’ve been through the process myself.  At the start of a relationship you get different chemicals than you do after two years.  David mentions that  Theresa Crenshaw- The Alchemy of Love and Lust describes this process in more detail.

The main point I liked in this chapter is it’s not about feeling justified by putting in equal effort.  The more you give the more you’ll get back.. who cares if you give more than the other person.  When I was a lot younger I wish I had know about this.  I used to have loads of relationships with guys and girl terminate as I was only willing to put in equal or less effort.  If I held to this Principal I would still have a few more best friends.

This was the first time I read double your dating.  I have read listened to a number of dating products and for the money this is one of the best ones available.  The mental modals David outlines are really insightful and will get anybody to have new perspectives in life.  I would definitely encourage anyone who is interested in becoming more successful with women to read this book.


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I met my boyfriend about 5years ago…..when we moved in together I found, while packing his things…..a shitload of david d’s cd’s…….While driving. Over the last year. I started lisening to them….Now, you must know my man is out of state working. SO. I have lots of free time….BUT…
I will say the interviews with dating guru’s is a little different………some stuff makes sence and some stuff I say “were are you guys from”? Flipping mars……,………..after 5 years I guess I can say.YES..I’ve heard him use some of it on me…….but all in all….If you guys want a woman all you need to do is be you….”if she don’t like it”..who cares! She’s not the one then…If your out for sex.. Then use the stuff…..cause the person you get is then going to be the kind that’s after straight sex too…I know this/ * I try hard to be as much a lady as possible and still be a “crazy one ” too…AND yes iam talking in bed…cause I don’t want him to stay…PLUS…HES MY SEXY BABY BABY SEXY….Pretty good huh….Well david, if you want to swap stories I will gladly share what I know about “a woman”. Sence I am one…….


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