Double Your Dating Chapters 5 and 6 by David DeAngelo

September 11, 2013 - Pickup Product Reviews
Double Your Dating Chapters 5 and 6 by David DeAngelo

Double Your Dating was the first book that David DeAngelo produced.  This post will review chapters 5 and 6 of the book.
Chapter 5 provides tips for guys to improve their external behaviors.  Body language is a key skill to possess.  To quote Wikipedia communication ‘consists of 93 percent body language and paralinguisticcues, while only 7% of communication consists of words themselves.’Having good body language will immediately improve your communication and the natural attraction people will feel towards you.  The chapter goes on to detail a number of tips and exercises to improve body language.

I remember reading John Chandler – Body Language: How to Read Others’ Thoughts by Their Gestures (Overcoming common problems) about 15 years ago to help me work on my body language.  I really recommend it.  The main tip that I still remember now, was that I used to lean against walls in clubs a lot after understanding what that was projecting.  As soon as I stopped doing it people started to treat me differently almost immediately.

David goes onto talk about the differences in communication when you add these skill.  On a surface level you can be talking anything, but adding in strong body language you can communicate more, you can add extra tension, confidence, mystery etc… into a conversation.

The book also recommended reading Julius Fast – Body LanguageEllen Fein and Sherrie Schneider – The Rules and Michael Morganstern – How to Make Love to a Woman .

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 talks about ideas and skills to learn to help you increase your success with women.  The chapter starts off with some good but basic advice.  Always be prepared.  I run marathons, before I run I make sure I’ve done plenty of practice, my iPods charged up, I’ve got the right songs on my iPod, I have enough energy gels, I have enough water.  If you translate this into a romantic sense make sure you know where your going, what your doing, make sure your house is clean, you have drinks, have fin interesting things to do at your place like Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger – Sexual Secrets.

The chapter goes to recommend a few skills to learn like cooking and tarot card reading.  David recommends reading  Karen Amend – Handwriting AnalysisDennis Fairchild – Palm Reading: A Little Guide To Life’s SecretsDenise Brown – An Introduction to Hand Reflexology.  If your looking into cooking I would personally recommend thee books Jamie Oliver – Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better CookJamie Oliver – The Return of the Naked Chef and Jamie Oliver – Happy Days with the Naked Chef.

The last part of the chapter talks about chivalry and a number of things and tips to have ‘manners’.  If this is an area your interested in then I would strongly recommend the book Peter Post – Essential Manners for Men.

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