Don’t Let Your FEAR of Rejection Stop You From Being Happy

July 18, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Don’t Let Your FEAR of Rejection Stop You From Being Happy

I remember a few years ago now.  I was sat in front of the TV with my flat mate and we both saw on advert for an online dating website.  We were both bored at the time so we joined on.  I think within about an hour I gave my number to a girl and she rang me up.  She didn’t really sound my type but I agreed to meet her out a bit later.  I think she saw me out later that night but by then I was already talking to someone else and nothing came of it.  For me though something clicked in my head.  I remember think well all I’m doing is sat at home and I could have got a date.  At the time I was getting a bit bored of going out all the time.  I remember going out one night on a Sunday or Tuesday to the only busy place in town and there must have been about 150 guys and literally 8 girls.. we counted.  I remember at the time thinking they must be a better way.. I’m 31, I work hard all day, I work out and I run a side business.  I also like to lead a healthy dating life.  I don’t have time in my life to go out every night or find someone at the shopping mall.. or wherever.  For me I if I have 20 minutes spare I can send a few messages here and then and get 4 or 5 dates a week.  For my investment of time online dating works for me.


Now I have a load of friends who have seen my success but they come up with so many excuses why they don’t like it.  All girls on there are ugly (there’s probably over 1000 girls signed up in my area..  not one good looking one ?!?!), they don’t know what to write, they have to write soppy crap, they don’t know what to write on a profile, they don’t have enough time, they prefer just talking to girls in person.  The funny thing is with all of these people, they’re all single and they don’t have a lot of success.  They may meet a girl once every few months if there lucky who they don’t really like too much.


Now I’ve talked to a lot of people over the years about online dating I think the main underlining thing is that guys are AFRAID of rejection.  If they message 50 girls and get no response it bruises their egos.  I remember when I started off I didn’t want to message the really hot girls until I really knew what I was doing.  This made me hungry to learn what I ended to do so I did a lot of reading and practice.  I think my approach is much different to the majority of guys approach.  Thy sign up, don’t really spend too much time writing a profile, message a few girls something lame, don’t get any success then give up in a few weeks to complain it’s all a waste of time.  When they see me they can’t be bothered to spend the same amount of time as me.  I’ve literally gone on dates after 2 or 3 messages that took me less than 10 minutes total to write…  is 10 minutes really too much hassle ?!?!

If you are a busy person and you don’t have the social group or the time to go out to bars and clubs.  Sign up online today.  From my experience if you just read one book that coaches you how to meet women you will be so much further ahead of the game than most men.  After that it’s just a bit of trail and error and eventually you will get there.  For the last year I’ve been writing a book about online dating success.  It details all my success and mistakes.  it provides a 30 step program that will help you get success.  I’m not interested in just releasing any old information to make a quick buck, I want to create a product that will GUARANTEE results for anyone who reads and applies that knowledge.  So I’m offering up three FREE introductory coaching spots to help guys get into online dating, what to write in their profiles etc..  you will get some of the course information for FREE.. no sign up or credit card information will be required, the site I recommend are all free…  the catch..   none!  All I ask is :

a) You can commit at least 10 hours to practice the information out

b) You let me know how you get on..  how many rejections/successes you get.

To apply for a FREE coaching spot all you need to do is use the contact form and email me what you’r current situation is and why you need help

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