How can your desire help you boost the amount of women you attract

April 27, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
How can your desire help you boost the amount of women you attract

Morning folks….  I’ve just got back from an epic 3 night trip to Ibiza and it’s only 7 days until my next trip away… life is good!  Today’s post is based on one of the reflections I had while I was away.  To set the scene I live a two hour flights away from Ibiza, I went with a good friend off season to get a cheap holiday away, to party and meet girls.  When we got over there it was pretty quite.  I could count the girls around town in one hand and they were mainly 17–18.  This was my third trip to Ibiza and I’m quite content in my dating life right now and it was my friends first trip who is single and also made the statement ‘I’m not leaving this island unless I get laid’..

Forward on a few nights guess the results…   I had a trip I’ll never forget.  One story my friend told me I was talking to a girl for a few hours… halfway through got bored and then just up and left.  On another night I had one girl we befriended that ended up sharing a bed with me..  I wasn’t interested so it lead nowhere.  On the otherhand my friend made-out with a girl every-night and on the last night did the dirty with a someone against a wall in the street… with a small spanish man watching him.

While I was sat by the pool Corona in hand contemplating why my friend had more success than me…  I immediately  connected this though to a time when me and a group of friends had a competition with who could get with the most amount of girls within three months.  I was determined to beat my friends and as I had massive DESIRE to beat them (on a side-note this desire may have had a massive effect on the quality of girls)  every night I went out I scored points…  When I go out now as I have less of an ego to prove to myself and my friends that I can meet women…  meeting girls out in clubs  is not always my main desire…  (it still is 90% of the time.. hey…. it’s fun).  Nowadays I find I  meet a lot more women I date from online sites and scheduled in times when I haven’t got things on.

I’ve also just read a newsletter from Jeff from Real Social Dynamics.  Halfway through the article he writes how he realized that all the women he meet in the last few years was at the boot camps they run.  He then goes onto talk that he had more pressure to perform and when he was hanging around with his buddies he didn’t have that pressure.  In mt interpretation this is just an example of DESIRE in action.  In one situation he has the DESIRE to succeed in another situation that DESIRE isn’t as strong and he doesn’t do as well.

So where is my ranting leading us…  when you start learning how to improve your dating life you have a massive DESIRE.  When you have this desire the results will eventually come if you are persistent.  If you are confident meeting women and you find yourself going through a ‘dry’ spell… the chances are for whatever reason your desire might have wained and you may need to rediscover that focus.  Most of the time is not what happens externally but what your feeling internally.  During the time when your struggling with desire keep working towards your goals because when you get your desire back that’s when you’ll experience the massive jumps in success.

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