David DenAngelo Newsletter ‘Why A Wussy Can’t Attract Women’ 21-02-2011

May 18, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
David DenAngelo Newsletter ‘Why A Wussy Can’t Attract Women’ 21-02-2011

In this newsletter David goes over a number of Q&A’s sent in from his subscribers.  One piece of advice jumped out at me that I thought were worth reviewing.

The first problem was from a guy whenever he goes out his mind goes blank.  I have to admit that if I take a few weeks off from going out to clubs etc.. the same thing happens to me from time to time.  Davids advice was spot on and is something that I always put off doing (hey, I’m writing this post instead of actually doing it now).  “Have one good default
thing to do in each common situation” Wherever you want to meet girls you should have one planned out routine that you know backwards.  You need to have visualized it, test it out, know what your going to say, where its going to go.  You then go out do it, analytically see what feedback you get and refine it until you have something to say.  This then stops your inner critic in his tracks as you don’t give him the focus to give him synergy.

Another tip David gave on another question that happened to me recently.  If I ever get asked a question that I don’t want to answer i’ll come back with ‘why are you jealous’, or something cocky.  The key is to never answer any question you don’t want to answer directly, have fun with it and keep your power to yourself and turns you into a challenge.

The last point I liked was from a guy who Dj’s in a club.  He been learning to become more cocky & funny with women.  He came up with a great example of how women can’t control who they feel attraction towards and that by been cocky and funny and by challenging your beliefs you can get the success you want.

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