David DeAngelo Newsletter – What Causes Women to Leave Men – 26/01/2011

May 25, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
David DeAngelo Newsletter – What Causes Women to Leave Men – 26/01/2011
I receive several newsletters from various sources, the ones I like I’m going to give a brief overview.  Today’s newsletter that caught my attention is one by David DeAngelo.  The concepts I liked in this newsletter are :When you can sense things are going wrong and a girl is going to finish with you, take your life into your own hands and finish with her first.  This is not a universal truth but I can think of several times when I have been seeing girls at the beginning of a relationship and things are going distant.  At these times I’ve tried creating more attraction, being funny and being sensitive among other things.  I’ve never even thought of the concept of   before and I definitely think its worth thinking about.  I personally would rather be in charge of my relationships than hoping that a girl will choose to be with me.  I think having this decision in your toolkit gives you much more power in your relationships with women.

The second insight I found thought provoking is taking a step back from a situation, objectively determining what your doing to screw things up and learn a new modal to cut it out your life.

The last insight I found note worthy was the topic of interests.  To keep attraction, unpredictability and not be boring… have interests.  This is one area I personally did a lot of research in.  David gives some ideas like bike riding, wine collecting or fashion.

I though this newsletter had some really good concepts and some ideas I’ve never though of.  I rate the newsletter 7 out of 10.

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