How To Keep A Conversation Going

July 18, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
How To Keep A Conversation Going
Morning folks!  Today’s inspiration is been brought to a David DeAngelo newsletter, entitled  New Conversation Skills to Attract Women,  if you are not subscribed to Davids newsletter you can get this free weekly email from his website Double Your Dating.  A guy called JTM wrote to David detailing his philosophy to keep a conversation going which I thought was worth posting.  JTM’s system is as follows:


1) Pick out key words or phrases from what the person says.

2) Repeat these keywords in what you say then listen for new key words in there next response.

3) You add a little something new into the conversation REPEATING there words you’re using as Key words or phrases.

This system is so simple but effective.  To test it out I tried it over text and from my results it worked well.  David then went on to show how you can amp up this process.  David says me just doesn’t look for any keyword but specific keywords.  He looks for keywords that can be twisted or changed to imply shes quirky, ditzy, sexually repressed, etc…
David then re-frames the example conversation JTM detailed, below highlights some of these points

“That’s an unusual looking dress you’re wearing. Was that made out of a shower curtain?”

“Your mean! No, I bought this from the Old Navy store.” Key Words: Old Navy.

“Oh, so is this what guys used to wear in the Navy a long time ago… in the OLD Navy?” (you’re BUSTING on her as well, AND it’s funny.)

“No silly. You know, the big store over at the Mall.” Key word: Mall.

“What kind of MALL are YOU shopping at? And do your girlfriends buy dresses like that one too?”

“My girlfriends are neat dressers and my dress is very popular I’ll have you know!” Key phrases: “girlfriends are neat dressers” and “dress is popular”.

“Oh, you have girlfriends? You have more than one? Do they all know that you think of them as a girlfriend? Or is one of them the special one? By the way, if you have cute girlfriends, then I think you and I are going to get along VERY well.”

David goes onto explains that you should use these keywords to make fun or her.  When someone has the skill to do this and its funny you add a lot more tension into the conversation and it create a lot more attraction.  David then goes on to talk about a similar example conversation that his friend had in a club once.  I think this newsletter was magic and if you get one of these once a month for free it absolutely worth it.  I rate this newsletter 8 out of 10.

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