Dating Product Review : David DeAngelo Dating Guru Interviews with 26

October 29, 2010 - Online Dating
Dating Product Review : David DeAngelo Dating Guru Interviews with 26

Today I’ll be reviewing one of the interviews from the David DeAngelo series. 26 is a guy who was a virgin until he was 26 and now teaches guys to meet women. The interview covered a lot of different topics surrounding communication involving meeting and talking to women in the real world. This review will cover the topics I found interesting and the thoughts it provoked in me:

Positive and Negative belief systems : I think having confidence is an absolute must when interacting with people. Having limiting beliefs and being negative will only hinder your chances of having successful and happy life. How can thinking that your ugly, a bad dresser or that your unfunny help you in anyway ? 26 teaches courses on improving the external stuff to help improve your internal beliefs. I personally like to learn the other way round. Improve yourself and figure out work on your limiting beliefs then let the rest happen naturally, however, the interview covered a number of points I completely agree with.

Having a good appearance. I read years ago a quote that went something along the lines of ‘What you wear tells the world what you think about yourself’. Ever since reading that I’ve been into clothes and style in quite a big way. I’m a positive confident person and I want the world to know this. Women spend time and effort wearing good clothes, why shouldn’t guys?
Another part of the interview I think was key is having good body language. Having good body language is a communication subtly that implies confidence and that you ‘get it’. Expressing yourself with your body and having confident movement makes you a more interesting person.

Preparation : This is a topic I appreciate more and more now in life. One section of the interview involved a story of Daves friends. Before they talked to a group of girls the guy had a plan of what to do, where to go etc… in an instant. I firmly believe that being prepared for any situation gives you an enormous benefit. To quote the interview ‘how are you going got get to the next level?’. If I go for a job interview I’ll have answers to the questions I’ll be most likely asked. If I get asked any of these questions I can still say anything, but, I have the knowledge and confidence I’m not going to blurt out complete rubbish.

Without having a plan of what you want, how your going to get it and understand what will be involved in the process… your never going to know where your destination is and when you’ve reach it.

Conversation Theory : The interview had a lot of discussion surrounding conversations. 26’s attitude is similar to mine. When speaking to people I don’t want to talk about boring stuff, I want to talk about the exciting stuff… the ‘moments’ in peoples lives.  This is one area I want to do improved in. Having the skills of telling interesting an story isn’t always a natural thing. Knowing what constitutes an interesting story and the facets of the conversation that make it interesting is worthwhile skill to have.
Interesting conversation should be focused on experiences not job interview type questions, for example.. ‘what was the naughtiest thing you did at school’ will result in a more interesting conversation over ‘where did you go to school?’. Some keys to improving this communication are inserting emotion spikes,being unpredictable, talking about stuff that’s meaningful to you.

One exercise I came up with myself from listening to the interview, is to list what’s important to me, so I can focus conversations towards those areas. For each topic I’ll then research some interesting things to say about it. Staying clear of Most questions straight out of a improve your small talk book is good. Talking about passion is a lot more interesting than talking about something mundane.

Some smaller points I liked from the interview:

The Good Points : Very informative and a lot of good topics covered

The Bad Points : Nothing ground breaking was discussed

Rating : 7/10


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