RSD Free Seminar By Tyler

January 3, 2012 - Pickup Product Reviews
RSD Free Seminar By Tyler

Morning bitches… Today I thought I’d listen to a free download I’ve had kicking around for AGES… anyone can get a copy of this for free by subscribing to the free newsletter on the site. The mp3 they allow you to download is just under two hours long and is a seminar by one of the instructors called Tyler gives.

The seminar kicks off with Tyler talking about two of the main issues that prevent most men achieving the level of dating success they’re looking for… LIMITING BELIEFS and SOCIAL CONDITIONING. I found that one of the most interesting parts of this discussion is a story Tyler that’s about a a 75 year old ‘mac’ that Tyler met in LA.. he uses this story and a few examples of how bouncers, bar men etc.. meet women to show how anyone can attract beautiful women just by making a commitment to improve their dating lives.

Tyler then starts to talking about the importance of demonstrating HIGH VALUE in order to improve their dating success. Tyler gives a few simple tips that anyone can guy implement that he claims will instatnyl boost their success levels. These tips cover aspects like voice tone, body language, eye contact, confidence etc… One point I found really interesting was the discussion about the different benefits between education Vs experience. You can have all the knowledge in the work about how to be a UFC fighter… but without ever stepping in the ring it doesn’t mean you’re a fighter. You need to combine both to achieve GREAT results.

The seminar goes on to discuss IDENTITY and Tyler explains how identities are unconsciouly built up over years based on a se of beliefs… these insivible scritps people carry around may have been helpful when you were younger BUT now a lot of these are preventing guys having great realtionships with women. Tyler explain why people would choose a LOW value identity… it guarantees acceptance. When your younger you want to fit in and you want ACCEPTANCE so people identies are developed to not stand out, not look stupid in groups. When someone grows up believing these thing they automatically won’t want to talk to girls because people may make fun of them and they’re acre of not being ACCEPTED. This need for acceptance in turns makes guys grow up with weak personal boundaries. When you have a weak boundary you then come over as wusy which kills attraction.

From my own experience I know girls are more attracted to guys you have strong boundaries, have inner confidence, their own opinions instead of someone who is ‘nice’.  Tyler goes on to talk about some of his falures with women and how it means very little in the big scale of things. I always like to mention Thomas Edison’s quote about failure “I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb.” It’s the same with women.. the more you fail initially the more calibrated you become and eventually you will become a lot more successful. Tyler goes on to talk about conditioning yourself to be positive, talkative etc.. and that by doing the same things over and over your conditioning yourself to be in that state, for exampl if your at a bar and you never approach a girl… you condition yourself not to talk to people. On the other hand if you always go and approach people you will eventually condition yourself to be a sociable person.

Towards the end of the talk Tyler starts to talk about the difference between outside Vs inside thinking. Inside thinking is when you alter you behaviour because of your assumtions about how your being preceived by others… it’s needy and derogatory behaviour. In most dating conditions I’ve come across a lot of ‘living in the moment’. I don’t really like this phrase because it’s like saying to someone be zen.. HOW ?!?!? You can’t just say be ‘zen’ and then be zen. You need to practice mediation for a period of time until you can get into that state. I liked Tylers advice.. go out, practice the material he teaches. At first you may come over as a try hard of wired but eventually appraoching, being confident eventually these ways of thinking become a part of your personallity. I’ve notice this a lot through online dating… I started asking different types of questions and answering questions in different ways.. a few omnths later I realsied that the way I started ot talk to women had evolved based on this repition. This talk is probably one of the descriptions that I’ve heard about different state.

Around an hour and half deep into the talk Tyler starts talking about how to transition a girl home and gives some advice on the best ways to escalate. One insight I really liked was his comparison between when you fuck up foreplay on a girl and you break her state and she loses her feeling compared to messing things up when you initially talking to a girl. When you make a mistake you break rapport and it fucks it up.

The last 20 minutes covers a bit of a recap and Tyler explains the various ways people can get in contact with him to get in more.

The Good Points : It’s FREE ! It covers a load of topics. The talk is really interesting to listen and you’ll probably listen

to it more than once.

The Bad Points : None.. It’s free and it’s good

Overall : This is an awesome free talk. I would DEFINITELY recommend giving it a listen.

Rating : 9/10

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