Cocky AND funny

May 2, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Cocky AND funny

What it do people

Today is the follow up to my last post, the second thing that lead to the best three weeks of dating of my life so far.

In the last post I talked about doing something drastic to change your way of thinking to force yourself to get a different result. This post won’t be relevant for everyone… but it’s good advice to keep your ego in check.

The other bug realization for me was
when it clicked I was getting too arrogant and not funny enough. If you get David DeAngelo’s Cocky comedy program he talks a lot about mixing both… As coming across as arrogant is a massive turn off.

For me, after going from not having much to having much success to being successful with women that after a while you start to belive your own hype. You start getting more cocky and you start to believe you don’t need to make an effort. For me this happened so subtly I didn’t notice it happening. My dates weren’t working as well and I thought I was still being the same old me.

As I like to change things up I tried some new things. The one I noticed worked really well was when I started talking the piss out of myself more. Where I used to bust in the girl and try to push the limits as soon as I may have overstepped I make fun of myself, like saying I understood i’m a massive
Douche with a big ego. As soon as I started doing this girls were asking me to take them back. So my new formula is that for every arrogant thing I say i’ll also make fun of myself straight after… I works for me.

So my advice when your busting in a girl… Be arrogant but more importantly… be FUNNY! x

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