Your inner virgin

March 5, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
Your inner virgin

The idea for this post was sparked from a newsletter from Cliff’s List called ‘You Don’t Even Need To Say Hello’ on 22nd Feb because its a got some great inner game concepts.  The thread that caught my interest was from a guy called Rion.  He came up with a concept he calls the ‘EXTERNAL VIRGIN’ mindset.   The concept applies to the little voice in your head…  you want something, you know nothing is going to go wrong if you attempt to achieve it…  but that voice inside your head stops you doing what you want.  Rion lists  few limiting beliefs that everyone has made in the past for not doing doing something.  I know I have definitly been guilty of in the past, things like ‘the weather is too bad so no girls will be out’, ‘I need some new clothes before I can mac’ or ‘my hairs bad no one will be attracted to me’, ‘I need to lose twenty pounds first’, ‘she looks like a bitch’ the list would go on and on….  As day follows night I’m 100% sure that this happenes to everyone at some point in their lives

Rion’s statemant of ‘the best seducers don’t plan … they act’ is really insightful.  The reason that I like this quote is that  when I have been at the top of my game is when I just go for it, I don’t think about the consequences and live in the present.  The more you think the more the voice in your head will try to keep you a ‘virgin’.  That voice will come up with all kinds of excusess she’ll say no, I’ll get a drink first, I haven’t got enough energy, I’m not feeling it yet etc…  the more time that you spend listening to your inner critic the more synergy it gains.

Rion goes on to list an exercise that he used personally that helped him to stay motivated.  This is one of the areas I’ve been working on recently.  I sometimes have low energy levels so I need tools that help motivate me interact with people at times.  Dions motivational exercise is pretty simple, its visualization.  He thinks about him being successful with women, life etc..  this image motivates him to ignore his ‘eternal virgin voice’ and keep going on his journey.

Another thing Rion mentions that makes me think this guy is switched on is that he has goals, he’s working towards them, he creates plans for success.  If you read the majority of the reviews  on courses from this site.. or in fact ANY success book this is what most people promote.

Points 2 to 5 revolved around the importance of body language, voice tone and the importance of touching this was useful stuff but it didn’t really excite me anywhere near as the first point.  The main advice was get rid of your bad habits like hands in pockets, fiddling with things, be loud and clear when talking etc..

The last point is also a good positive belief to adopt ‘don’t care what people think’.  Having limiting beliefs that prevent you from achieving anything in life is something I strongly believe everyone should work on to overcome.  To quote the email ‘Look at celebrities: we don’t admire them for looks alone. We respect their drive to step outside the box … to be different and live life.’

The email finishes with the advice to practice silencing your inner critic.  Just like anything in life if you are consistent and practice enough you will start to get the results that you want.  If you are not subscribed to Cliffs free newsletter I would strongly recommend that you do so:

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