Fj Shark - How To Be The Jerk Women Love
Interview With Dating Guru’s With F.J. Shark by David DeAngelo
In this interview David D interviews a guy called F.J. Shark who wrote a book called How to be the Jerk Women Love: Social Success for Men and Women in the [...]
Telling A Girl She’s a Geek To Boost Attraction
Morning folks, I’ve just woken up in Planet Hollywood in Vegas after several very drunken night outs, so, I thought this would be a great time to [...]
Watch tv and get better with women
Hey peeps. Today i’m sat watching californication and the thought occurred to me that over the past fee years my tv viewing options have somewhat [...]
Your dating entitlement!
When I came out of a 6 year relationship I hadn’t tried to ‘chat a girl up’ in all that time and at that time I remember actually [...]