Tips To Meet Women

5 All-Time Best PUA Openers
Everything you need to know about using openers to start a conversation with a woman There seems to be a mystery as to what sort of opening lines you [...]
How To Get Over A Break-up
Most of the material that I’ve come across or read is all about trying to meet someone new, where to meet people, what to say, what to where. [...]
The Best Pick-up Line In The World
Ok.. so the title might be a misleading.  Sorry!  I get a lot of emails from guys looking for a quick technique or pick-up line that will get them laid [...]
50 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Laid
It’s a rainy afternoon as I’m sat at my desk coming up with some post ideas this and it got me thinking what could I do right this second to [...]
What Is Escalation
Meeting women is a bit like a dance, there are certain steps that you have to follow in order and if you know those steps well enough, know in what order [...]
What To Say When A Girl Says She Won’t Have Sex With You
I remember reading this a few months ago from somewhere, sorry for not remembering the author but I used it the other day and it worked amazingly.  If a [...]
How To Become A High Status Playa
Having success with women is just like any skill you set out to learn, it takes hard work, practice and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone a lot in [...]
Why Do Some Guys Get Laid And Other Don’t ?
In the book called outliers there is a chapter about plane crashes… I know what you are thinking… how are plane crash going to help me get laid [...]
The Six Steps You NEED To Master To Get Laid
I read a post recently by Geoffrey James about the six steps everyone goes through to become a master.  His ideas a cover some of the same principles I try [...]
What is Push/Pull ?
If you’ve never come across the term push/pull then you’re missing out on a key technique that can help you build attraction.  The first time I [...]
Why Men Are Playa’s And Women Are Slut’s
I was talking to my flat mate yesterday and he brought up a really interesting point about women that I’ve never thought about.  It’s the age [...]
Happy Birthday… What I have learnt from three years of blogging about dating
I nearly forgot but today is IWTYTMW third birthday.  In this  time I’ve written 162 blog posts, covered numerous topics and I have helped numerous [...]
How Time Breeds Success With Ladies
I think one of the bigger issues I see in people is time.  In today’s society everyone (myself included) wants results NOW.  If you take a look at a [...]
The Best Shortcut To Get Laid Now
I was reading a brilliant article about the quickest way to mastery.  When you start out trying to improve your confidence with girls you’re going to [...]
Been Out The Game A Bit Too Long ?
I had a question recently from a guy who used to have success with women a few years ago and now after just coming out of a long-term relationship is [...]
Why are you stopping yourself from getting laid?!?
One of the key concepts in order for you to get laid is the ability to be brutal honest with yourself. I’ve been the victim of my own devils [...]
Trying To Use Logic On Her And Getting Nowhere ?
I was reading this Daily Mail article about motivational factors.  A couple of researchers from the US performed a study to find the best way to put kids [...]
The Best Time To Boost Your Skills With Women
Since I started this blog about how to improve my dating life I’ve have had many up and many downs.  During this time there have been spells when [...]
A Simple Technique To Make You More Attractive
I read an article from about the ‘picky buyer’ mentallity which go me thinking how it transitions towards online dating.  If you’ve never [...]
Want To Meet Women 24/7 For FREE ?
Do you limited money, limited time, a social circle who have all settled down or not to keen for meeting the type of women in bars then online dating is a [...]