Pickup Product Reviews

Palm Reading: A Little Guide to Life’s Secrets
Today’s review isn’t technically about dating…  it was a book recommended read from one of the most famous pick-up books, [...]
Essential Manners for Men by Peter Post
Why is an etiquette book in dating success website…  it teaches you how to act more confident in different circumstances.  The more confident you are [...]
Sperm Wars by Robin Baker
The first time I read Sperm Wars it tore don a few of my beliefs about relationships.  At the time I believed I should only date one woman at a time and no [...]
The Mystery Method by Mystery Chapters 1 – 4
This will be the first post in a few reviewing the mystery method.  This was the first dating book I read after I came out of a 6 year relationship and its [...]
king, warrior, magician, lover
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert Moore & Douglas Gillette
This book provides an explanation on male maturity.  I guess the big question is why I’m including this in a dating advice blog…  simple, [...]
Body Language by Allan Pease
I’ve been uncluttering my house and in the process I stumbled across a book I havn’t read for years…  Body language.. how to read others thoughts by their [...]
RSD Free Seminar By Tyler
Review of the free seminar provided when you join the RSD newsletter by Tyler provided by the site
On Etiquette by Emily Post
Recently I’ve been doing some research into how to become more naturally attractive.  Part of this process involves work on our inner game.. but the [...]
The Metrosexual Guide To Style by Micheal Flocker
OK.. I’m happy to admit that this books titles a bit wired but it is a book that could help a guy starting to learn how to attract more women out. [...]
The Fine Art Of Small Talk by Debra Fine
I’ve already reviewed this book but I got a free copy of an updated version so I thought I’d review it again.  The books starts off introducing [...]
How To Be A Gentleman By John Bridges
Its about time to bring you another review…  today I’ll be reviewing  ‘How To Be A Gentleman’ a book about modern courtesy.  If you [...]
The Twixster Method: A Master’s Guide to Pick Up Artist Power Seductions, Attraction Secrets of Hot Girls, Ultimate Dating Confidence, Success & Attracting … Success & Attracting Irresistible Women)
I’m at work and I happened to type ‘dating’ while listening to Spotify to try and relieve some of the boredom that is my current project. [...]
Deep Inner Game CD 5 and 6 by David DeAngelo
CD five kicks off with David talking about politics as a way to develop your masculinity.  The conversation around politics is’t a talk on Government [...]
Deep Inner Game CD 3 and 4 by David DeAngelo
The middle section caught my attention a lot more than the previous two discs BUT I did find a lot of the material a bit dry and not that easy [...]
Deep Inner Game CD 1 and 2 by David DeAngelo
What it do cuz.. today I’m reviewing David DeAngelo’s Deep Inner Game program.  This program is also hosted by Dr Paul from Men’s [...]
Pandoras Box by Vin DeCarlo
What up cuz’ez…  Today’s product review is by by a dude called Vin DiCarlo.  I’m feeling quite excited by this product as its [...]
Cocky Comedy and Other Conversation Skills by David DeAneglo
Morning folks.  Today’s review covers the cocky comedy audio guide by David DeAneglo.  This program is designed to help guys become more naturally [...]
Advanced Series Part 3 by David DeAngelo
The first 45 minutes of the third DVD starts off with David getting the members of the audience to go some exercises, listing their limiting beliefs and [...]
Advanced Series Part 2 by David DeAngelo
David spends the first 10 minutes of part 2 discussing Robin Baker – Sperm Wars.   I’ve read this book and I can confirm it provides some great [...]
Advanced Series Part 1 by David DeAngelo
This DVD course is over 18 hours long !  David starts the course of discussing his theory that ‘attraction isn’t a choice’.  The basic premise s that women [...]