Online Dating

The Ultimate Tinder Guide – Part One
When it comes to using a dating site it is all about putting your best foot forward and capturing a women’s attention.  Creating attention is a lot [...]
Want To Meet Women 24/7 For FREE ?
Do you limited money, limited time, a social circle who have all settled down or not to keen for meeting the type of women in bars then online dating is a [...]
Stuck in A Rut Trying To Learn Dating Success
I have had a stack of books I’ve needed to read for work sitting around for probably nearly two years now.  I mean who wants to sit at home in the [...]
Too much information overload prevents you getting laid!
Recently I’ve started my own business  and I haven’t really had the same amount of time on women.  I’ve still got a pretty active dating [...]
Dating Website Reference List
Today’s post is  a list to some of the online dating websites I’ve used : [...]
Pareto’s law of getting laid online
I read some amazing stat’s yesterday about guy’s who use online dating sites.  80% of all people give up in the firs 6 months and out of those [...]
What to say if a girl ask you to make her laugh…
First, do not say some lame joke in an attempt to make her laugh…  You lose massive value when you try to jump through her hoops. Instead bust on the [...]
Online Dating… Fishing vs hunting
Gather round children, it’s story time.  When it comes to online dating I think there are two approaches a guy can use to meet a women online.  By [...]
How do you meet women through an online dating site ?
I have spent hours using online dating sites.. find out my best tips here
A beginners philosophy to approach online dating for newbies
How do you go about attracting girls online ?!?!? Find out my secret here!
What to talk about on an online dating site ?
Learn how to stand out from the crowd in online dating sites!
What questions to ask on an online dating site
When talking to people online there are countless possibilities of things to ask.  To stand out from the crowd you want to be interesting and fun.  Get [...]
Dating Product Review : David DeAngelo Dating Guru Interviews with 26
A review from David DeAngelo Interviews with Dating Guru series. In this episode a David interviews 26.
My philosophy of starting conversations online
I’m pretty sure I’m the same as most people, I have a ton of things to do and not enough time to do them all.  As much as I enjoy on-line [...]
The most four common online dating site openers
Before I started emailing anyone on I wanted see what other people were using to start conversations with. After doing some research, [...]
Standing Out From The Crowd!
Standing Out From The Crowd