Build attraction BEFORE building comfort… D’uh!

September 21, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
Build attraction BEFORE building comfort…  D’uh!

What it do cuzz. I’m plonked infront of the TV cursing the inventor of tequilla…

Last night I wdid an experiement to prove a point to myself. I went out and only asked the below questions as the first question to every girl I talked to:

I’ve woken up today alone.. so what happened ?!?! The point I was trying to prove was one of the first lessons I read about when I started learning about how to improve my dating life…. BUT…  I’ve only really appricated the principal today which is…

YOU need to build attraction BEFORE building comfort/connection with a girl

I went out two days ago on a second date with a girl and asked the above questions and it worked brilliantly in THAT situation. Asking about a girls worst date allows you to build more connection and also allows you to demonstrate higher status. Everytime I’ve asked a girl about their worst date… EVERY single girl has told me a nightmare story about some wuss guy.

So… what’s wrong with asking a girs these questions as soon as you meet her ? In my opinion it conveys way too much interest in her BEFORE she’s shown any interest in you. Unless the girl your talking to has given you some signs of interest you need to work on building ATTRACTION and stay away from comfort. After you get to the attraction hook these questions work well. So until a girl shows you any interest work on busting on her, telling stories, playing games.. whatever. Keep clear of the questions until that happens!

Peace out

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