Been Out The Game A Bit Too Long ?

August 15, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Been Out The Game A Bit Too Long ?

I had a question recently from a guy who used to have success with women a few years ago and now after just coming out of a long-term relationship is struggling to find his groove again.  Unfortunately, having success with women doesn’t come naturally to everyone, some people just get it naturally others need to learn to kind success.  No matter who you are thought, liken any skill if you don’t practice for a long enough period your skills will get rusty.  Take pro athletes for example… there are so many examples of people that in their prime dominate their sport, but then they retire stop training as much and don’t watch their diets closely, the next thing you know they are being snapped by the paparazzi as an overweight crash and burn story.  Keeping in good shape is very similar to dating, without constant and consistent practice over time you’ll struggle.

Improving your dating life is a mental activity rather than over a physical one (although being in good shape helps).  It’s a process of feeling confident in yourself and then knowing a few rules to help you transition from meeting someone to marrying/getting in a relationship/fucking or whatever your goal is.  If you’re reading this and you’re feeling a bit fed up as you’re not seeing the results you want, or, if you’re thinking that life isn’t fair for whatever reason then I have one piece of advice…  GET OVER YOURSELF.  You are the only person stopping you from being happy and getting the success you want.  All you need to do now is make that commitment to yourself and start practicing.

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