Are you two having sex ?

April 18, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
Are you two having sex ?

This is a quick tip I stole off one of my friends.  I’ve been to several times chatting to girls and one of my friends would come over and out of the blue blerts out ‘so.. you two having sex tonight ?’   The girl was a friend of someone’s ex and this comment completely killed the vibe WORSE than anything else I’ve seen.  As it was so out the blue I had no response so an awkward pause.  My friend has done it a few times now and every time the same thing happens it kills attraction and creates this wired tension.  It hasn’t completely ruined my chances every time but it does make it a lot harder.

So why do you care.. .  the next time you talk to a girl and a random guy tries to cock block you… just ask if they’re having sex later in a joking manner and see the consequence…  BTW..  as revenge I said the same thing to a friend last week as he was talking to two girls… they walked away from him within less than 5 seconds… REVENGE!

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