All summer long!

May 9, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
All summer long!

I live by a fairly busy seaside town in the UK.. . its still spring and we’ve hit a massive heatwave….  BBQ’s, beaches, bitches and beers…. it’s been brilliant!  Yesterday I got dragged down the beach by a girl I’m seeing…  I can’t really sit still for too long so after 10 minutes I got bored started people watching.  The thing that stood out to me was the guys with the girls around them were having fun doing INTERESTING things.  The guys who were sat staring at girls, reading books and basically not having any externally obvious signs of having fun… had no women.  For me this behavioral trait shares a parallel to a nightclub environment.  The guys staring at girls or being quite didn’t appear to have as many girls with them as the people having F.U.N.!

As I had nothing to do I started to think of the things that would either a) make me sound interesting when you talk to people, or, b) make me look naturally interesting or fun on the beach…  I came up with :

As a consequence of that thought process I’m in the market for a new paddle board…  not as something to do to meet women.. but.. because it’s something I would enjoy doing.. the benefit is..   to explain the concept of why having an interest makes you more interesting, when someone asked me how my day went:

a) I sat around because I didn’t have anything else to do

b) I spent most of it in the sea on my paddle board, it’s great fun plus it’s a really good workout.

Which one sounds more interesting ? Think of the conversations that naturally spring from having paddle boarding as a hobby…  talking about the sea, workouts, crazy activities, dreams, fun, hobbies etc…  Having attractive interests for different circumstances not only provides me with a more enjoyable life…  it also naturally makes me more naturally attractive without me having to do a thing…  that’s it.. to the beach!

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