A Simple Technique To Make You More Attractive

July 30, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
A Simple Technique To Make You More Attractive
I read an article from about the ‘picky buyer’ mentallity which go me thinking how it transitions towards online dating.  If you’ve never come across the conetpt before it’s a technique to help you change your inner game to become more confident.  When you become the picky buyer you don’t take everythign at face value, you quailfy women with questions to make sure they are good enough for your standards.  By being more picky you will create more tension and attraction because you’re not just the same as every other suck up, it shows you have balls and that you’re not willing to settle for just anyone.
My first reaction was thgt some guys could just just use this as an excuse.  If you’ve read my article about ‘deliberate practice’ the idea is to challenge your comfort zones. In online dating terms, this invovles messaging people you may not nessacrily go for, sending differnet messages and trying out different ideas.  Becoming a picky buyer does not mean you will only message 10’s.. or come up with countless other excuses why you won’t do something. When you’re starting out you’ll only get frustrated as in all likihood you won’t get results.
So how can you use the ‘picky buyer’ to help you.  Take a minute right now to write down 10 things that you look for in a women.  It could be sporty, likes music, film, adventuours, likes travel, likes to laugh.  You then tailor some quesitons aorund these aspects.  So you may say something lie ‘I really like girls who travel, what stamps have you got in your passport?’.  When you set the frame this way you indirectly getting herself to quailfy herself to you.  Everyone wants to be seen as cool so she might say England, France, India.  Form there you could go with somethign along the lines of ‘cool, you pass’ or you go the otherway ‘that’s a shame, I guess if ever get married that will have to change.’  Using this approach is so much more powerful than simply asking ‘so.. erhmm…  been on holiday ?’ as it gives you somewhere to go afterwards.

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