Learn To Adopt A Positive Approach Mindset

June 13, 2011 - Tips To Meet Women
Learn To Adopt A Positive Approach Mindset

What up folks…  today has been one of those days where my clients and boss needs things doing, my emails piling up and I have no way of doing it all in time.  I think I’ve taken the most productive use of my time and decided to write a post on here instead..  the rest can wait anyway… probably

The inspiration for today’s post came from ‘Approaching Girls With Confidence April 13, 2011’ from the Real Social Dynamics newsletter.  One of the questions came from a guy who doesn’t have the confidence to start a conversation with a girl he’s attracted too.  I think this is something most people can relate to… I can still remember one situation where I frooze.. it was about 2 or 3 years at the end of the night.  We went to get a kebab or some other non-=healthy food that at that time of the night tastes like God’s own food and there was a girl in there I found extremely attractive… she looked really similar to Cheryl Cole.   We made eye contact we both smiled at each other.. BUT..  it looked like she was with her boyfriend.  Instead of going up and checking I decided to leave it… but to this day I still regret not trying to prove my assumption.  For all I know it was her brother of friend.  Then several minutes later an ex came over and we got talking… when I looked up she had gone and I haven’t seen her since!

The advice Jeff gave the reader was in my opinion a really positive new mental framework that would benefit anyone to adopt.   Part of Jeff’s reply was:

‘with repeated exposure to pain, we can become immune to it. Just as a boxer engages in full-contact sparring to get accustomed to the feeling of being hit, we can throw ourselves into situations where we are exposed to social pressure as a way to build up a tolerance to it.’

As I’m sitting here mentally playing a situation in my head with this mindset it completely helps transforms what I could have processed as a negative experience into something that is positive.  Just because the outcome wasn’t as positive as it could have been…  it was still positive as it provided me a step towards a greater goal, for me this is to be able to be able to any women I find attractive anyone at any time.  By taking Jeffs advice your turning a potential experience around that can bring you negative emotions hate and your reframing it into a win-win situation that give you positive experience points.  As Jeff wrote “Every failure is a brick in my palace.”



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