50 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Laid

October 8, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women
50 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Laid

It’s a rainy afternoon as I’m sat at my desk coming up with some post ideas this and it got me thinking what could I do right this second to help me meet women.  This list is stuff that anyone reading can do if they had a spare one hour.  SO if you’ve got some time my challenge to you is to pick one and go with it :

  1. Read my How To Meet Women Toolkit (Shameless plug over)
  2. Go to my ‘Pick Up Product Review’ page and buy something
  3. Join Plenty of Fish
  4. Publish some pictures on hot or not to find out what your best pictures are
  5. Wash (No one likes someone smelly)
  6. Update your on-line dating profile
  7. Go through your phone and message some girls
  8. Sign up to a speed dating course
  9. Go to the shops and buy some new clothes
  10. Get a haircut
  11. Go for a run to cut down your belly
  12. READ
  13. Subscribe to a new dating advice news feed
  14. Ask a female friend to practice on
  15. Go on Facebook and sign up to Are You Interested
  16. Join OKCupid
  17. Join BeautifulPeople
  18. Join eharmony
  19. Join mysinglefriend
  20. Join
  21. Find a local Salsa/dance class and join
  22. Make a list of the biggest and best parties coming up
  23. Buy tickets to a gig
  24. Join yoga
  25. Follow some pick-up artists on twitter
  26. Follow some pick-up artists on Facebook
  27. Send me an email about a sticking point you have
  28. Cut your nails
  29. Join
  30. Put an advert in the classified
  31. Go to a bar
  32. Write a pre-date check list
  33. Pick a new cologne
  34. Write a new opener
  35. Make a list of 10 questions to ask on a date
  36. Go to RSD and watch some of their video
  37. Join the Double Your Dating newsletter
  38. Have a look on Gumtree/Craig’s list for a dating coach
  39. Subscribe to the Approach Anxiety podcast
  40. Sign up for the Brad P newsletter
  41. Sign up to a pick-up conference
  42. Go to your nearest shop and talk to the first girl you see
  43. Download and read the free Love Systems book
  44. Join the Mens Psychology newsletter
  45. Write down in words what you to aspire to, write down your lifestyle, who your dating everything.
  46. Join the Mystery Method newsletter
  47. Subscribe to my newsletter (top of the page)
  48. Jon the Pick-up forums and ask some questions
  49. Join a instant chat room and practice talking to some girls
  50. Join the Pick Up Artist forum
Well that’s it folks enjoy and let me know how you get on.

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