Standing Out From The Crowd!

October 20, 2010 - Online Dating
Standing Out From The Crowd!

I always strive to try and stand above the crowd. When I started to look into online dating and I wanted to learn how to stand out from the crowd. The challenge I faced was how to stand out, what should my profile say and what should I start conversations with ? I wanted to have the greatest possible chance of having successful interactions with girls I met, not only for my enjoyment but for there’s too. I’d hate to think of someone out seeing me out and thinking your that loser from that dating site.

To start the ball rolling I wanted to know what sort of topics and conversations other people asked to reduce the likihood of blowing it when I started talking to people. The best way I thought to do this was to create a account as a rather beautiful girl. I will stress I do not endorse this, as it does breaks the sites terms and conditions. What I found shocked me quite a lot. I set-up a local account in the town I live. I checked the account 2 days later and I had over 40 unread messages. Within the first two weeks I had over 160 people trying to making a conversation on this account.

My first piece of advice, is that if you don’t get the reply you want don’t sweat it. Some girls on plentyoffish are getting more emails than they can or would want to reply back to. If you don’t get a reply its not the end of the world… theres plenty more fish in the sea…. After coming to this realisation, my aim was simple… to come up with a plan to be able to present the best me possible. This philosophy sparked the underlying idea and principle for this site. It’s the thing that keeps me excited to learn about self-improvement, relationships, health, pushing boundaries etc…

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