Want Great Success With Women… Do More By Doing Less

April 15, 2012 - Tips To Meet Women

Up until I was 18 I had never read a book in my life THEN for one New Years resolution I committed myself to read 3 or 4 books that year.  Soon after I read a few books I got addicted and started reading more and more…  after a while I got into a few self-help type books that promised to change my life forever and guess what…  they didn’t.  Not even slightly and here’s the reason.. I never followed up on the actions.  I read all about how to improve myself I understood some theories but I NEVER did the exercises as I thought it was a bit airy fairly and I didn’t put anything into practice that I learnt.  After reading a few more books I gave up on the subject for several years because I thought it was a complete waste of time.

After I finished a 6 year relationship I read 5 or 6 books about how to attract women, at the time I was having more success than 99% of the people I meet so I stopped reading and got on with my life. About a year ago I started training for a marathon and I wanted things to listen to while I was running.  I got a few David DeAngelo audio tapes after a guy I worked with recommended I give them a listen which eventually spurred the though to start this site.

As I started creating this site I read (and continue to do so) a lot on dating, self improvement etc.. for the first 6 months that I started out I didn’t really find that much of a change.  Theorywise I knew everything and in honesty my dating skills were getting better, after a few more months of consuming everything I could I reflected on my progress….  it was pretty much the same.  I understood the theory completely, I was still dating lots of people but the amount of people I had been meting has pretty much been a constant since I was single.  So after reading all this world class content why wasn’t my dating life considerably better…  I was only applying/testing about 2% of the things I had read.  As I was reading soo much so quickly I couldn’t.

After that little discovery I made a commit to read less but try things out more…  I was just getting into online dating at the time so I applied a lot of what I read.. good/bad etc..  and guess my success sky rocketed.  Out of people I know I get far more response by doing the least amount of work than anyone else I’ve known.  After that realization I can say to you now.. if you want the best results it’s not how much you read on a subject…  it’s finding GREAT advice and then trying out as much of that advice as you can that will get you the results you need, remember Pareto’s Law 80% of your success will come from 20% of the things you do, so my challenge for you today..  go to my reviews section, pick something that meet’s your goal..  go out buy it then apply everything, after that re-read the book adn then appl the things you didn’t.. repeat this process and you will dramatically improve.  Do it!


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